This full day excursion is one of the highlights in the are and an absolute must-do for the experienced divers. It’s a 75 minutes drive along the Dominican Northcoast to reach Dudu Blue Lagoon. We cross Cabarete, Gaspar Hernandez and Rio San Juan before we can see the crystal clear water of lake Dudu. After the briefing and equipment donning we talke that giant stride and hit the water. We go down 6-8m/20-25ft where we find the first tunnel. What sounds a little scary looks quite familiar in the light of a diver’s lamp. The tunnel which brings us to a lake in the middle of the jungle is 90m/98yd long and 6-8m/20-26ft wide. It is packed with stalactites a fossils. The light and the up to 3m/10ft long stalactites are breathtaking.

A second tunnel brings us back to Lake Dudu where you can spot mouthbreeders, fresh water shrimp, turtles and eels. At the end of the lake we enter a third tunnel which is 60m/63yd long and 10m/33ft wide. We surface in an air pocket full of spectecual stalactites, stalacmites and a small cave. After 2 exciting dives we exit the water and head for Playa Grande or Playa Caleton where we enjoy delicious food and drinks. Have you ever tried a Pina Colada in a fresh pineapple? Around 4pm we go back to Sosua. An unforgettable day comes to an end.