The 45m/150ft coastal freighter Zingara was sunk in 1993. All potential hazards were removed and the wreck was prepared for scuba diving. Meanwhile the wreck is overgrown with sponges, corals and is home for many fish. You always see French Angelfish, grunts, schools of snappers and Green Morays. Barracudas and sharks visit the wreck every once in a while. Close to the stern you can find American Stingrays in 38m/128ft of water. Depending on the conditions and your air consumption we can multilevel the dive out at the close by wall.

Nitrox certified divers can enjoy a longer dive with Enriched Air.

Airport Wall is a reef following the coastline in front of Puerto Plata's airport for 1-2km. It offers several different dive spots. The reef starts at 5m/15ft and drops down to 28m/93ft. The wall offers swim-troughs, little caverns and tunnels. As the Airport Wall is exposed to the open ocean you can sometimes spot Barracudas, Eagle Rays, Mantas and Reef Sharks.

A wall that starts at 23m/76ft and drops down to 40m/130ft and deeper. Different stingrays are common at this site and every once in a while Eagle Rays and Manta Rays are flying by.

This beautiful wall is overgrown with corals. The dive starts at 20m/66ft. Between 28m/94ft and 32m/106ft you find caverns where you can spot turtles and lobsters. Maximum depth on this dive 35m/116ft. We multilevel out to the nearby Coral Garden where our boat picks us up.

3 Rocks and Coral Garden Shallow: The perfect spot for beginners, snorkelers and less experienced divers who want to be surrounded by colorful tropical fish. The coral heads are in 3-12m/10-40ft of water. From the third rock we are diving down to Coral Garden Shallow where you can see beautiful fan corals and sea whips.

Mini Wall – Deep Wall: It's just a 4 minute boat ride to Deep Wall which starts at 15m/50ft. A couple of canyons bring us down to max. 32m/110ft. At a depth of 28m/95ft a cavern is home to angelfish, king crabs and sleeping nurse sharks.

This wall starts at 5m/15ft and drops down to 20m/66ft. The site is almost parallel to Sosua bay's coastline. A little further out you find a huge coral head which is covered with giant barrel sponges and fan corals. Max. depth is 40m/130ft. Moray eels, lobster, and crabs are hiding in the rock crevices. You can ever go for just a wall dive or multilevel out from the deepest spot to 5m/15ft.

Day Excursions

This day excursion starts at 6am. Our 3 hour journey to the west brings us to Puerto Plata and La Islabella. After a nice breakfast we'll reach the small fisherman village Punta Rucia. We set up the gear and our boat brings a magnificent sandbank in the middle of the ocean:

Paradise Island. It is surrounded by 40 dive spots packed with colorful corals ans sponges. The depth ranges from 5-25m/15-85ft. During the surface interval we provide soft drinks and snacks. After two dives we're heading back through the mangroves to enjoy a fantastic buffet.