This is our day excursions for divers, snorkelers and all those who want to discover the real Dominican Republic. Rio San Juan is located just 65km/45 miles east of Sosua. The lagoon and the mangroves make it one of the island’s top destinations. “Pretty as a picture postcard” said one of our divers when we cruised the lagoon and he saw the river flowing into the open ocean.

Our first dive and snorkeling spot “Las Rocas” is a perfect mix of caverns and reef: spectacular structures, incredible light reflections and colorful sponges and corals wherever you look. A cavern full of stalactites makes this dive special. Our second diving and snorkeling session brings us to the “Piscina Natural”, the natural pool. The reef starts at 3m/10ft and slopes down to 11m/36ft.

The diversity of colorful tropical reef fish, soft and hard coral is incredible. As this is a very shallow site dive time can exceed 90 minutes depending on the divers‘ experience level.

At the deserted Magante beach in La Yagua we enjoy delicious food and drinks and let the day come to an end. We come back to Sosua around 5pm.